Executive Education

Global Policy Experience – Public Policy in Germany and Europe

Participants from last year's Global Policy Experience – Public Policy in Germany and Europe in Berlin.

The Hertie School has welcomed students from the Master of Public Affairs (MPA) programme at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, Brown University, Rhode Island, USA, several times.

On each of these occasions, the students took part in the 10-day customised executive training programme “Global Policy Experience – Public Policy in Germany and Europe”, which is integrated into Brown University's MPA. The programme provides an exciting opportunity for the students to analyse and explore public policy at an international location through a global lens.  

The Berlin module provides participants with up-to-date knowledge of current political developments in Germany and Europe, and focuses on challenges and trends in the fields of migration, the environment and foreign affairs, among others. The executive programme is designed to promote discussion around a broad range of topics concerning the public administration system and the policymaking apparatus. One of its aims is to strengthen the participants' skills in devising concepts and strategies for tackling these policy challenges.

The programme promotes practical application by combining academic content, group work, input from experts, background talks and hands-on experience. It consists of three components:

  • Interactive seminars, lectures and presentations by leading experts from the Hertie School and other renowned academic institutions as well as by expert practitioners, which include group work exercises;
  • On-site visits to relevant institutions such as the German Bundestag and federal ministries, as well as meetings with high-level experts and practitioners;
  • Cultural and social activities which give participants the opportunity to learn about German history and experience this vibrant city and its cultural life.

“I was very fortunate to attend the Brown Master of Public Affairs programme in Berlin. Not only did we get a unique cultural experience, massive public infastructure and transit solutions, but we were able to talk to real leaders in different fields in Germany.

We were able to learn how Germany is dealing with issues like immigration, global warming and being a leader in the European Union, and rising right wing populism. A unique and valuable experience.”

Jameson John Boyd, Master of Public Affairs Candidate at Brown University.

Global Policy Experience – Public Policy in Germany and Europe is a module in partnership with Brown University