2015 Indicators: European Union

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Convergence indicators

The 2015 Governance Report's convergence indicators measure the extent to which countries in the European Union are similar (converging) for a given variable. Points indicate the convergence measure for a given year. Low values indicate more convergence, higher values indicate less convergence. Countries are grouped into 'convergence clubs': convergence is then measured for countries within a specific group. This allows for the examination of groups of countries that potentially converge together. Vertical lines indicate 95% confidence intervals, a measure of uncertainty.

Data from the indicators created for The Governance Report 2015 as well as any images generated by the interactive tools are free to use for research puposes. Please use the following citation: Hertie School (2015). The Governance Report 2015: European Union Indicators. Hertie School: Berlin.

Downloadable data sets

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