2016 Indicators: Infrastructure governance

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Component comparisons

The 2016 Governance Report's component comparisons show how a selected country ('Country' in the tool below) performed on the three dimensions of infrastructure governance (planning, management and outcomes) and on the underlying components of each dimension. Individual countries can also be compared to another country or country group ('Comparison'). The green line intersects each component axis at a distance from the center that corresponds to the country's performance on that component. Similarly, the outer edge of the shaded area corresponds to the comparison country or group's performance.

Data from the indicators created for The Governance Report 2016 as well as any images generated by the interactive tools are free to use for research purposes. Please use the following citation: Hertie School (2016). The Governance Report 2016: Infrastructure Governance Indicators. Hertie School: Berlin.

Downloadable data sets

2016 indicators data set downloads: Codebook (PDF) | CSV | Excel (XLSX) | Stata (DTA) | R (RData)

The Global Expert Survey on Public Infrastructure questionnaire and data are also free to use for research purposes. Please use the following citation: Oprisor, Anca, Hammerschmid, Gerhard, and Löffler, Lorenz (2015). The Hertie School-OECD Global Expert Survey on Public Infrastructure. Berlin: Hertie School.

Expert survey data set downloads: Questionnaire (PDF) | CSV | Excel (XLSX) | Research and methodology report (PDF)


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