Governance Indicators: Approaches, Progress, Promise

Governance Indicators: Approaches, Progress, Promise
(Published November 2018)

Publisher: Oxford University Press
Editors: Helmut K. Anheier, Matthias Haber and Mark A. Kayser

Since the World Bank Institute launched the Worldwide Governance Indicators in the late 1990s, the governance indicators field has flourished, with significant advances in terms of methodology, data coverage and quality, and practical application. This volume assesses the achievements of existing governance indices and indicator frameworks, elaborates on current challenges in measuring and analysing governance, and considers how to overcome them in order to advance the field, both in its academic importance as well as in its policy relevance.

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Contributors: Rolf Alter, Helmut K. Anheier, Luciana Cingolani, Mihály Fazekas, Hazel Feigenblatt, Francis Fukuyama, Christopher Gandrud, Matthias Haber, James R. Hollyer, Mark A. Kayser, Olga Kononykhina, Roberto Martínez Barranco Kukutschka, Alina Mungui-Pippidi, David Osimo, Francesca Recanatini, Piero Stanig, Bence Tóth