Student and alumni views

Handelsblatt "Person of the Year 2017"

Once again, Hertie School students were asked by Handelsblatt to elect the “Person of the Year”. Read their laudations for Margrethe Vestager and Federica Dávila.

Politician of the year - MARGRETHE VESTAGER 

Laudation written by PhD candidate Julian Zuber.

English version: In her fight for fair competition, EU’s chief regulator strengthens democratic legitimacy

German version: Mit Macht und Recht

Inspirational person of the year - FEDERICA DÁVILA

Laudation written by MIA student Azucena Moran and MPP student Racien Nowak on behalf of the Hertie School student vote, organised by the online student magazine The Governance Post.

English version: Inspirational person of the year: Federica Dávila

German version: Mutiges Herz

These articles appear in the Handelsblatt print edition (in German) published on 15 December 2017. They can also be accessed online here