What is the Henrik Enderlein Distinguished Fellowship for Policy Professionals?

The fellowship enables research stays of up to 9 months at the Hertie School. The next fellowship term starts in September 2023 and ends in May 2024. The fellowship is designed to support scholars and academics who are dedicated to promoting exchange between policymakers and academia in Germany and at the European level. We want to support outstanding researchers and practitioners capable of building networks that bring together stakeholders from science, policy and politics in tackling urgent issues on the European and national agenda. The fellowship is funded by Stiftung Mercator. 

Who can apply for the Fellowship?

We are looking for candidates who have demonstrated outstanding achievements or possess a distinguished record of participation in the professional, journalistic, political or civic world of public policy, in particular in areas of the Hertie School's Centres of Competence. Recent working experience in public administration is an asset. Candidates should be based in Europe.

Why Henrik Enderlein?

The Distinguished Fellowship for Policy Professionals commemorates Henrik Enderlein, the Hertie School's late president, his role in building bridges between research and public policy and his resulting influence on European policy­makers on matters of innovation and reform. Henrik's ability to build networks and to reach out beyond academia was crucial in turning the Hertie School into a renowned academic institution and forum for exchange at the interface of top-notch research and policy making processes. With the Henrik Enderlein Distinguished Fellowship for Policy Professionals the Hertie School continues on this path.

What we offer

Tasks and activities of the Henrik Enderlein Fellow

What you should send to us (in English) by 6 March 2023

  • CV
  • List of publications (if applicable)
  • An outline of your plans for the fellowship (max. 2000 words).
    No need to design grand research projects, we simply want to know what you plan to do and where you see potential for synergies between you professional experience/network and our Centres of Competence/Executive Education portfolio/study offer.