No, please, you go ahead

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Evaluate me maybe?

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I can't for this!

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Crystal clear

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Share the #hertielove: Attend an online festival

COVID-19 has left people disappointed over cancelled events, but one festival is still bringing people together—albeit digitally. The Social Distancing Festival is being held online to celebrate art from all around the world—including plays and musicals, writing, and photography. The website hosts live streams where viewers can tune in to see live performances—and also offers submissions for any artists looking to virtually share their craft. True to any festival, there is also a “Beer Tent” where community members meet up in an online chatroom!

Points for consistency?

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Share the #hertielove: Unwind with cinema

Tired of Netflix? The Yorck Cinema Group in association with MUBI are offering three months of access to their archive! There are a lot of non-English-language, indie and mainstream movies on offer. Sign up for your free 90-day trial before 19 April 2020!

Yes!!! What they said!

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Share the #hertielove: Get cultured

You can still have your morning, afternoon or even night at the museum. Take a virtual museum tour! Under the Instagram hashtag #MuseumFromHome, cultural institutions have shared several informative posts about their collections and other artworks in an effort to continue to share knowledge and culture with the public, despite the closings. TIME Magazine has also put together a handy list of the virtual offerings of major museums and galleries.

Spot the difference ;)

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Share the #hertielove: Ready, set, game!

Bored of routine calls with friends and the occasional Netflix viewing party? Mix things up with an online game! Studies show that playing online games as an adult can do everything from tackling stress to boosting your overall well-being—something that we all need during these heavy times. Check out these articles by Forbes and other gaming websites for recommendations!

Reality vs. expectation

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Share the #hertielove: Don't stop moving

Take an online dance class! Dancers, choreographers and studios are turning to Instagram, Zoom and Youtube to keep people moving through quarantine. If you're looking for a more intense workout, this list of free Zumba classes might be what you're searching for!

Suit up!

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A look behind the scenes

Thank you to everyone who shared their #hertielovefromhome and #hertiequarantine impressions. We've put together a selection below. Keep tagging your posts on social media so that we can find them and share the #hertielove :)

Image courtesy of @zhong_zhihao_
Image courtesy of @andrei.sterescu
Image courtesy of @oscardvs. Check out the original story for some great tips on how to set up a great workspace at home.
Image courtesy of @whatolivialoved
Image courtesy of @heatherdannyelle
Image courtesy of @falmeidjr
Image courtesy of @charlotte_kaiser

Hello from the other side

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Share the #hertielove: Usher in the good vibes

Overwhelmed by the constant influx of worrying news about the Coronavirus from different parts of the world? We recommend balancing it out by subscribing to John Krasinski's new Youtube series, Some Good News. The show, which only launched on 25 March 2020, focuses on spreading positive developments to help us tide through these tough times. Also subscribe to the Instagram handle, @goodnews_movement. Bonus: The first episode includes an interview with Steve Carell to celebrate the 15th anniversary of The Office!

How you holdin' up?

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Share the #hertielove: Get lost in an Audiobook

There are several audiobook options ranging from Librivox, a free audiobook website to Audible, Amazon's audiobook app which has a free one-month subscription. The Cut has a list of engaging books, to begin with, in case you're too lazy to search! Bonus: For students who are parents and/or trying to improve their German language skills, Audible Stories is a website full of children's books for free during the quarantine, available in 6 languages.

Trousers are still not optional :)

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Share the #hertielove: A (virtual) afternoon at the zoo

While going for a jungle safari seems near impossible in the coming weeks, we can always witness a slice of wildlife via the internet. The Cut has a long list of zoos which are live-streaming, meaning you can watch polar bear cubs discover dirt or giant pandas wrecking a bamboo stick. If pet animals are more of your thing, check out this live broadcast of puppies being trained to become service dogs.

Testing, testing, is this thing on?

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Share the #hertlelove: Thank you for the music

Explore a world of music (literally): Browse radio stations from across the world with Radio Garden - a Google Earth for radio. You can click and drag a 3D globe around, and zoom in on local stations around the world - maybe even those of your home country or city, for those of us who are homesick. For the more adventurous, you can listen to everything from AfroBeats to Norwegian evangelical rock to Japanese J-pop to Deutsch Rap!

Shout out to the IT crowd

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Class is in session

23 March 2020 - Glory Nix, MPP Class of 2021, gives us a tour of her home classroom - right in time for the first official day of online classes. 


Timeline loading...

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What you need to know

Can you see me?

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Share the #hertielove: Start a 30-day yoga challenge

Our tip of the day: Yoga with Adriene’s ’30 days of yoga’ series on YouTube is completely free and caters to all levels of Yogis, ranging from beginner to expert. Adriene’s channel also has tons of other videos, including meditation for anxiety and under-ten-minute Yoga routines - for the lazy ones among us ;)

Instagram takeover: Isabella Ringe

Follow MPP student Isabella Ringe over the next two days as she shares her #hertielovefromhome experience on the Hertie School's instagram profile. 

Theme of the week: Work, work, work but from home...

This weeks’ #HertieQuarantine theme is: Hertie Home Office!

Have you set up your work or study space yet? Share your home office view with the rest of the community by using the hashtags #HertieQuarantine and #hertielovefromhome on Twitter and Instagram (don't forget to tag @thehertieschool). We will share a few highlights in a gallery on this page. 


20 March 2020 - Christian Blumhagen, Associate Human Resources, kicks off the first installment of #hertielovefromhome with a message to the whole community.


A meme a day...

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Theme of the week

Every week, we’ll feature a new #HertieQuarantine theme, where we post a “shared” activity that everyone can get involved with, or will probably be doing at some point during the week. Use the hashtag and be sure to tag @thehertieschool on Twitter or on Instagram for a chance to be featured on the site :)

Share the #hertielove: We're in this together

We’ll be sharing a daily link focusing on well-being activities covering everything from useful apps, entertainment, online concerts, tips for beating cabin fever and more.

Here's your Hertie School at home well-being tip for the weekend.

Check out a concert: Chris Martin put on a free performance on Instagram for his fans, calling it ‘Together, at Home’, after which many stars including John Legend, Lizzo and Charlie Puth followed suit. Check out this page to watch all of their performances and keep track of the upcoming ones!