Executive Education

Data Week

Data Week 2022: 21 February - 2 March

Data science is expected to have a significant impact across all sectors of the economy and society within the coming decade. Excecutives in both the public and private sectors need to understand how to engage with data and utilize it effectively.

The Hertie School's Data Week equips participants with a methodological and high-level understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) and data science technology: learning from (and making decisions based on) data, extracting knowledge from complex data and making decision based on it as well as utilising AI approaches like machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing.

The Hertie School's Data Week consists of a total of three courses on data and AI science. These courses can also be signed up for individually.

Key topics and benefits

During the Data Week you will develop key competencies and skills in data science, while exploring the following issues:

  • The proper use of methods in quantitative research
  • Distinguishing between properly designed and estimated data models and flawed work
  • What are AI and machine learning?
  • The benefits of data management and AI technologies for organisations and society
  • The governance implications of AI deployment
  • Generating, reading, analysing and communicating data


Three executive seminars are at the heart of the Data Week 2022:

These three intensive trainings will take place in sequence over a week and a half from 21 February - 2 March 2022. Participants can choose whether to take part in all three courses, in two courses or only one individual course.

How to register

5,070 euros for the full Data Week programme (1,690 euros for each individual course).

Application process
Registration is available on a first come, first served basis via the online application portal. When registering please select the executive seminars "When to trust numbers: Informed data consumption", "AI for decision makers" and/or "Data skills". Admission is subject to availability.

Application requirements

  • A higher education degree
  • At least three years of relevant professional experience (the average is ten years)
  • A good knowledge of English

The credits earned in the three executive seminars can be transferred to the Hertie School’s Executive Certificates or the Executive Master of Public Administration. The Executive Education team is happy to answer any questions you have about tailoring an executive training package to meet your professional development needs.