Customised education

Executive Training in Governance

At the beginning of 2019, the Hertie School's Executive Education team welcomed high-level consultants and policy experts from Human Dynamics’ six offices across Europe for two executive trainings. Among other faculty members, the seminar was taught by Dr. Rolf Alter, Course Lead and Senior Fellow at the Hertie School. Alter has nearly three decades of experience in leading administrative functions with the OECD and IMF, amongst others.


Human Dynamics is a specialised provider of consulting services for public sector clients, with a focus on transition and developing countries. They operate in institutional, infrastructure and judicial development, helping clients achieve success.

Areas of focus

In three intensive seminar days, participants learned about innovative approaches to policy design, decision-making and human resource and financial management in the public sector and discussed pressing issues such as public service reform, citizen participation and digitalisation.

Learning goals, formats and outcomes

In this unique tailor-made programme, experts from the Hertie School's faculty joined forces to provide the group with cutting-edge insights on their respective areas of research and impulses for their future projects.

Faculty and experts

Apart from Dr. Rolf Alter, the programme included sessions with:

  • Thurid Hustedt, Professor of Public Administration and Management
  • Gerhard Hammerschmid, Professor of Public and Financial Management
  • Mark Hallerberg, Dean of Research and Faculty and Professor of Public Management and Political Economy
  • Kai Wegrich, Professor of Public Administration and Public Policy

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