Strengthening infrastructure governance—from aspiration to action

Good infrastructure governance, i.e., strong institutions for “producing” and managing infrastructure assets, is critical for addressing massive infrastructure needs that exist in most countries. While this is broadly recognized and also reflected in a number of international initiatives (e.g., related G7 and G20 principles), up to recently, there has been no framework for assessing and evaluating infrastructure governance. At this presentation, Gerd Schwartz introduces a tool for assessing and quantifying infrastructure governance on a country-by-country basis, and presents initial results and outcomes from applying the tool in over 40 countries.


Gerd Schwartz is Deputy Director of the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department. He has previously worked with the European Investment Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, and done research on fiscal and macroeconomic policy issues.


Jobst Fiedler is Professor Emeritus of Public and Financial Management, and Founding Director of the Executive MPA at the Hertie School. From 2005-2008, he was Associate Dean of the Hertie School. In 2009, he was a visiting professor at Columbia University in New York. Fiedler served as Chief Municipal Director of Hanover from 1990 until 1996, when he switched to the private sector and joined Roland Berger Strategy Consultants as managing partner.