Euro-SWAMOS shares the same ambition, goals and approach as the Summer Workshop on the Analysis of Military Operations and Strategy (SWAMOS) organized by the Saltzman Institute at Columbia University: it aims to introduce PhD students and young scholars to terminology, concepts, analytical techniques, and illustrative cases relevant to the analysis of defence and security policies. Across Europe, very few universities provide students with the opportunity to acquire thorough and wide-ranging knowledge in the field of security studies. Such a dearth of opportunities clashes with need for scholars and professionals with advanced understanding of security issues and dynamics within Europe, academia and policy circles. Similar to SWAMOS, Euro-SWAMOS pursues a secondary goal of fostering a network of academics and practicioners to spread informed judgment on defence and security issues within the civilian community.

Euro-SWAMOS is funded by the Weise-Stiftung, a private German foundation and supported by the European Initiative for Security Studies (EISS). Directing the programme are Mauro Gilli (ETH-Zurich), Marina Henke (Hertie School), and Hugo Meijer (Sciences Po).

The next Euro-SWAMOS will take place at the Hertie School in Berlin from July 9-15, 2023.


Euro-SWAMOS 2023 - Preliminary schedule

Date Topic
July 9 Arrival
July 10 Strategy / Grand Strategy
July 11 Sea & Air Operations and the Command of the Commons
July 12 Civil Wars, Terrorism, and Land Campaigns
July 13 Technology
July 14 Russia
July 15 China

Euro-SWAMOS 2022

The first Euro-SWAMOS was held from 11 - 16 July 2022 at the Hertie School in Berlin. 19 fully-funded participants spent one week together and discussed a variety of international security topics. Take a look at the video and visit 'Previous editions' to learn more about the workshop.