In 2020, the Hertie School’s Centre for International Security received a major grant from the US-based Stanton Foundation for the research project “Understanding Assurance, Deterrence, and Potential Nuclear Escalation in Europe.” It is the first time the foundation has approved a large grant for a project in Europe. The main goal of the project is to shed new light on the role of nuclear weapons for Europe's security, applying a distinctly European perspective. The project tackles four distinct but interconnected research areas:

  • Research Area I: The Role of Nuclear Weapons for Assurance Purposes
  • Research Area II: Assurance and Extended Deterrence in NATO
  • Research Area III: Transatlantic “Decoupling” and Alternative Options for European Nuclear Deterrence
  • Research Area IV: Understanding Potential Nuclear Escalation Dynamics in Europe


Timeline of the Project's Key Activities:

Nuclear Security Workshop 2023

Selection of Project-Related Events: