Master of International Affairs (MIA) - International Security concentration


  • The Centre offers courses specialized in international security within the "International Security" track of the Master of International Affairs (MIA) at the Hertie School. 
  • Our courses prepare students and young professionals for positions requiring a profound understanding of today’s global security challenges in government, diplomacy, and international organisations, as well as in the private and civil society sectors.
  • Our guiding teaching principles are academic excellence, creativity, and commitment to a strong practice-driven approach.
  • Our courses are interdisciplinary, applied and innovative, and our faculty are internationally renowned.
  • Alongside our courses, we also offer summer schools and workshops.


Mentoring for students

  • We offer regular mentoring sessions featuring external experts, Hertie School staff and alumni in the security field. Through these informal discussions, mentors offer advice on lessons learned, key contacts and networks. They share career insights to assist students in furthering their professional development goals and help find exciting internship positions and jobs after graduating.
  • Our Centre staff invites and involves practitioners in courses for hands-on learning experiences. 
  • We provide advice and guidance to students throughout their studies at Hertie.
  • Our faculty and academic staff mentor doctoral students, help them publish their academic work and encourage them to attend academic workshops, summer schools and conferences.



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