The Library and Information Services team offers faculty, academics, students, staff and visitors access to the campus library, electronic resources and borrowing privileges.

Off-campus access to electronic resources

Access to electronic resources is a service provided by the Hertie School library and available only to faculty, staff and currently enrolled students at the Hertie School. This is due to licensing and copyright agreements with vendors and publishers.

If you are using a computer on campus that is connected to the Hertie School campus network, you will be connected automatically to the library electronic resources and no log-in will be required.

There are two ways to connect to the library's electronic resources from off-campus: Firstly, you can install the Hertie School's FortiClient VPN system, provided by IT Services. Secondly, you can log in to the remote access connection with your library user account credentials. Please find the remote access manual for off-campus access to the library's eResources here.



Access databases licensed by the Hertie School. 


Library user account

Use the online catalogue to log into your library user account and to view or renew your checked-out items:

  • Login credentials:
    • Username for students: The number 4380 plus your matriculation number (example: 4380 + sample matriculation number 123456 = library account username 4380123456)
    • Default password for students: 1) date of your birthday in DDMMYY format (example: birthday date 20.08.1999 = password 200899) OR 2) the first three letters of your surname (uncapitalised)
    • Username for staff members: Barcode number on the back of your Hertie School ID card or your library account user number
    • Default password for staff members: 1) 010100 OR 2) the first three letters of your surname (uncapitalised)
  • Please try to login with both options and change the password ASAP.

More about the library

The Hertie School is an institution of higher learning committed to academic excellence. The library team sees it as its responsibility to equip students and faculty with the necessary tools for their academic research. We try to accomplish this goal by providing our library users with access to electronic resources from everywhere on campus. Relevant articles from journals, such as the European Journal of Political Research or Journal of Public Policy, are just a mouse click away. The library offers access to a long list of databases, the most prominent being EconLit, Lexis Nexis, and JSTOR. Beyond online databases, the library team is constantly developing and building other research resources such as a print collection, which offers important literature on policy, law, and economy. The online catalogue is growing daily and offers students an overview of the library collections.

The Library and Information Services (LIS) of the Hertie School is located on the first floor (1. OG) of the campus. A reading room is attached to the library for students and others who seek a calm and quiet place to work. The library and the reading room also offer a number of communal network points available to students to plug in their laptops in order to access the internet after authentication. Students at the Hertie School have the advantage of an innovative research infrastructure combined with a committed library team, who are constantly busy developing and improving educational and research opportunities.


Publishing and research data