Master of International Affairs

The Master of International Affairs (MIA) equips students with tools of international policymaking to tackle global challenges and devise sound policy proposals in a global multilevel system. Understanding how to navigate this complex landscape of diverse actors and disciplines is at the core of the programme. The MIA programme prepares students for positions requiring a profound understanding of today’s global policy challenges in government, international organisations, business and civil society.

Key facts about the Master of International Affairs

  • 2-year, full-time programme (120 ECTS) in English, MA degree
  • Specialise in finance and trade or security and sustainability
  • Integrated professional development: Internship and Professional Year programme
  • Scholarships available
  • Career services, professional and alumni network
  • Leading international faculty
  • International academic exchanges and dual degrees
  • Tuition: 16,250 Euro per year
  • Accredited by ACQUIN

Curriculum of the Master of International Affairs

Combine theory and practice to understand international affairs. Gain an interdisciplinary toolkit to manage global challenges in security and sustainability or finance and trade. Check out the course catalogue.

Semester 1

Semester 2


Semester 3

Semester 4

An international student body

MIA students come from over 50 nations and many academic disciplines and professional backgrounds. The average MIA student speaks 4 languages, holds 2 degrees, has completed 3 internships, and has studied, volunteered or worked in 3 countries. Learn more about them:

“The break between my first and my second year gave me the chance to reassess my priorities and gain concrete experience at a think tank, a UN body and the German parliament. I also now know what I want to delve into after graduating.”

Rina Hajdari (Kosovo), MIA 2019

“One of the best things about Hertie is its small but very international student body. Having so many different perspectives in one room always led to compelling and eye-opening discussions.”

Julia Black (USA), MIA 2017

Combine your studies

Gain additional international or professional experience during the master's programme by integrating a Professional Year into your studies or seeking a dual degree in cooperation with another distinguished international partner institution.

Support along the way

Pursuing a master's degree can be challenging at times. But be sure, we got your back. Be it before and upon your arrival in Berlin or throughout your studies, staff and faculty will assist you in matters concerning your studies, academic exchange opportunities or your career development.

How to apply – a step-by-step guide

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So you're interested in one of our master's programmes but don't know where to start?

No need to panic! We’ll take you through the process step by step.

Apply today

The MIA programme is open to graduates from all disciplines. We are looking for well-rounded applicants with a very good first degree as well as a strong motivation to study international affairs. Relevant professional experience, civic engagement and international experience strengthen your application.

To increase your chances of a scholarship or financial aid, you are encouraged to apply by 1 February. Applications are accepted until 1 May.