Master of International Affairs

Admissions for MIA

Admissions requirements

You must have completed an undergraduate degree (bachelor's or equivalent) in order to be admitted. If you do not yet have your undergraduate degree at the time of application, please indicate when you will receive it on the online application form. You must complete all of your undergraduate academic course work and exams before 1 September 2022 in order to matriculate.

How to apply – a step-by-step guide

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Step 4

To increase your chances of a scholarship or financial aid, you are encouraged to apply by 1 February. Applications are accepted until 1 May.

Selection criteria

All applications are assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Personal suitability (40%)
    CV, professional experience, entrepreneurship, international experience, civic engagement. 
  • Academic excellence (40%)
    Strength of academic background, academic performance - grades/transcripts, general academic qualification, linguistic qualification.
  • Motivation (20%)
    Convincing motivation to study public policy or international affairs, motivation to study at the Hertie School, overall coherence.