Master of Public Policy

Careers in all sectors

Careers in all sectors: After over a decade of equipping our MPP students with strategies for forging new frontiers in governance, our graduates are among those working at the cutting edge of policymaking in government, private corporations and international organisations.
Selected career examples in the Public Sector.
Selected career examples in Research and Think Tanks.
Selected career examples in NGOs and Foundations.
Selected career examples in International Organisations.
Selected career examples in Business.
MPP students come from over 50 nations and many academic disciplines and professional backgrounds.
The average MPP student speaks 4 languages, holds 2 degrees, has completed 3 internships, and has studied, volunteered or worked in 3 countries.
The first cohort of students in the two-year Master of Public Policy programme began their studies in September 2005, and the programme has grown considerably each year.

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