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As NATO turns 70, current tensions "likely to get worse"

In Politico interview, Wolfgang Ischinger talks about transatlantic tensions and the future of NATO.

As Nato turns 70, a more equitable burden-sharing among its members has - rightly - taken centre-stage, Wolfgang Ischinger, Professor for Security Policy and Diplomatic Practice and Director of the Hertie School Centre for International Security Policy (CISP) said in an interview with Politico. But the alliance remains strong, he said: "There is not a single country in NATO today that is not eager to maintain the protective umbrella of the alliance. But I do understand that Washington wants to demonstrate that there needs to be more and better burden-sharing." Germany should work toward contributing 2% of its GDP to the alliance, as it has pledged, but domestic politics stand in the way, he said. This, and the current lack of support for the EU coming from President Donald Trump's administration, are the source of tensions. "I don’t get the impression that our current difficulties are likely to be overcome any time soon. It looks likely to get worse, certainly in terms of the atmospherics," he said.


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  • Wolfgang Ischinger , Senior Professor of Security Policy and Diplomatic Practice | Founding Director, Centre for International Security