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Cities’ efforts on AI could become model for national standards, says Joanna Bryson in The Wall Street Journal

Drafting regulations needs time, the Professor of Ethics and Technology says.

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), more and more cities have started adopting services such as policing and traffic management. In an article in The Wall Street Journal from 9 April, Hertie School Professor of Ethics and Technology Joanna Bryson comments on the pioneering role cities such as London and Barcelona currently inherit.

“It will take time for cities and local bureaucracies to build expertise in these (AI) areas and figure out how to craft the best regulations,” she said. “But such efforts could provide a model for other cities, and even nations that are trying to craft standards of their own.” 

Read the full article in The Wall Street Journal. A version without a paywall has been published in the Bangkok Post.

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