Gerhard Hammerschmid analyses public management reform in Austria

The study conducted on behalf of the Austrian Federal Chancellery is now available for download.

Hertie School Professor of Public and Financial Management Gerhard Hammerschmid has conducted an evaluation of the implementation of the currently largest public management reform project in Austria. In 2013 the Austrian Federal Government introduced a new outcome-based budgeting and steering system as part of a constitutionally guaranteed budgetary reform. In order to support the implementation, Gerhard Hammerschmid conducted a utilisation-focused evaluation commissioned by the Federal Chancellery.

Based on more than 40 personal interviews and an online survey in all federal ministries the evaluation assesses the current implementation experiences of various stakeholders in public administration and develops recommendations to enhance the system. The results have been published in the report "Einführung der wirkungsorientierten Verwaltungssteuerung: Erfolge - Potentiale - Perspektiven" presented by Gerhard Hammerschmid in the Austrian Federal Chancellery on 16 November.