Governing in the digital age

Andrea Römmele co-authors new book on how digitisation can improve public sector performance.

Andrea Römmele, Professor for Communication in Politics and Civil Society, has co-authored a new book, Digital Government: Leveraging Innovation to Improve Public Sector Performance and Outcomes for Citizens, together with Svenja Falk and Michael Silverman. The book is published by Springer.

The book looks at public-sector digital strategies in Germany, the United States, Mexico, Brazil and India. Case studies help assess the current state of digital government and show how digital technologies employed by the public sector achieve outcomes for citizens, such as transparency, competitiveness and inclusion. The book also explores how governments manage the legal and regulatory challenges posed by information technology, and it presents a methodology for assessing the level of maturity a country’s institutions have reached in terms of digitisation.

The authors argue that while most countries have developed good digital strategies, there is still work to be done to implement policies and programmes. Demonstrating specific programme results can help identify best practices for those engaged in national strategy development, they say.

More information can be found here.

More about the author

  • Andrea Römmele , Dean of Executive Education and Professor of Communication in Politics and Civil Society