Press release

Hertie School launches new degree programme Master of International Affairs

Wolfgang Ischinger joins faculty / State Secretary Katrin Suder appointed to Board of Trustees.

Berlin, 3 September 2015 – The Academic Year 2015/16 at the Hertie School opens with keynotes by the British sociologist Anthony Giddens and Katrin Suder, State Secretary in the German Federal Ministry of Defence on 3 and 4 September, respectively. Of the over 250 incoming students at the Hertie School, 45 are enrolled in the new Master of International Affairs (MIA). With this programme the School expands its teaching and research in the fields of international affairs, security policy and development. The Chairman of the Munich Security Conference, Wolfgang Ischinger, joins the Hertie School as Professor for Security Policy and Diplomatic Practice.

The Hertie School’s President, Helmut K. Anheier: “As part of our renewed focus on international affairs the Hertie School will contribute to developing responses to challenges in a multipolar world. Current conflicts and the migrant crisis in Europe are examples of what our practice-orientated teaching and research will pull into even stronger focus in the future. We are proud to have renowned Wolfgang Ischinger join us for this next exciting venture.”

A range of executive formats focused on development policies, sustainable development and the security-development nexus have been added to the Hertie School’s Executive Education portfolio, including the new executive certificate on the Management of International Cooperation and Development.  

State Secretary Katrin Suder will also support the establishment of this new focus area in her role as member of the Hertie School’s Board of Trustees. On 4 September she will deliver a keynote at the Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year on Leadership in an Interconnected World.

Students from 52 Nations

The new students in the Hertie School’s four study programmes come from 52 nations, including Palestine and Jamaica. “We support students from the global south and conflict regions with scholarships. We are also in the process of developing opportunities for refugees who are already in Berlin”, said President Anheier.

A video recording of Anthony Giddens’ lecture “Into the Digital Age – the World in the 21st Century” will be published on the Hertie School’s YouTube channel.