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The race to succeed Merkel

Hertie School experts weigh in on the future of the Christian Democractic Union (CDU) and the German political system.

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CDU party conference unpacked

Andrea Römmele was interviewed by Asahi Shimbun on the CDU party conference (in Japanese). Please note this article is behind a paywall.

CDU: "Democracy is alive and well within the party"

ZDF MorgenMagazin interviewed Andrea Römmele about the race for succession within the CDU (in German).

‘Already an exception’: Merkel’s legacy is shaped by migration and austerity

Henrik Enderlein is quoted in a New York Times article on Angela Merkel's legacy.

SPD and CDU: National political parties in search of self

Christine Landfried spoke to Deutschlandfunk about the upheaval within the German party system (in German).

Setting the future course of the German political system

Andrea Römmele comments in the Financial Times on the race to succeed Merkel. Please note this article is behind a paywall.