What sparks social enterprise?

Johanna Mair and Nikolas Rathert aim to ignite new research on alternative organizing in SER article. 

Organizations such as social enterprises, cooperatives and platform-based sharing economy start-ups have sprung up in recent years in response to social problems such as economic inequality, social exclusion and overconsumption. A new research paper co-authored by Hertie School Professor of Organization, Strategy and Leadership Johanna Mair and Hertie School post-doc Nikolas Rathert explores new approaches to researching and analysing this development and its impact. 

The article, “Alternative organizing with social purpose: Revisiting institutional analysis of market-based activity”, was published in the Socio-Economic Review in July 2019.

“Our objective is to ignite research on alternative organizing,” say Mair and Rathert. “We build on two important institutional perspectives, Neo-institutionalism and Comparative Capitalism, to investigate how these organizations diverge from the archetypal corporation. In addition, we develop a framework to guide institutional analysis of the origins, enabling conditions and consequences of alternative organizing in contemporary markets and society. We conclude by laying out pathways for future research.”

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More about the authors

  • Johanna Mair , Professor of Organization, Strategy and Leadership