A Weekend in Berlin: Boating along the Landwehrkanal

TJ rowing an inflatable boat on Berlin's Landwehrkanal

What do our students do in their free time in Berlin? Current student TJ shares a favourite pastime on warm days in the city.

The U-Bahn may be convenient, but my favourite way to get around Berlin is by boat! Not a yacht, or anything fancy with a motor, but a good ol' fashion inflatable dinghy.

During the summer months, you'll be sure to find many people sunbathing in their boats, the envy of onlookers. Many of the best bars and restaurants are along the Landwehrkanal, so you can indulge yourself at those or have an unconventional picnic on the water. Be careful not to fall in though!

If you're really feeling adventurous you can even go through the lock which leads to the Spree River. Though the current of the Spree is not as relaxing as the Landwehrkanal, the sights are some of the best in the city.

While you can rent boats, they're also readily available second hand online for fairly cheap - I think my friend bought one for about €60 - and given the many hours of entertainment it brought us, I would say it was well worth it!

So get out there, don't forget sunscreen, and never drop your paddle!


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