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Andrea Römmele hosts TV show on the fundamentals of democracy

The ARD documentary series, in its second season, covers the basics of democracy in Germany.

How does democracy work? How do the interests of citizens, the private sector or the sciences find their way into the Bundestag? Can the effects of digitalisation improve or weaken our democracy? 

Hertie School Professor of Communication in Politics and Civil Society Andrea Römmele explores these questions and more in a new series for German public broadcaster ARD-alpha on the fundamentals of (German) democracy. The documentary series is now in its second season and will again feature a wide range of experts, commentators, scientists and politicians to discuss the cornerstones of democracy. The first episode covers the effects of the war in Ukraine and is already available to stream (in German): Demokratie verstehen | Reportage-Reihe | ARD alpha | Fernsehen | 

Further episodes on politics and media (3 November) and German democracy and the constitutional court (8 December) will air on ARD-Alpha in the coming months.


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  • Andrea Römmele, Dean of Executive Education and Professor of Communication in Politics and Civil Society