Andrea Römmele on Germany's next Chancellor candidates

Römmele looks at backroom politics and the chances for Bavarian state premier Markus Söder to replace Merkel.

In a guest commentary in the German daily Rheinische Post, Andrea Römmele says that the last few months have seen a shift in the dynamics between competitors for Chancellor Angela Merkel's job ahead of elections next year. This has presented an opportunity for Markus Söder, the leader of the Christian Social Union (the sister party of Merkel's CDU) and Bavarian state premier, to step into the ring. Römmele notes that Söder has taken a strong, on-camera leadership role in the coronavirus crisis, criticising the opening policies of other states, in particular North Rhine-Westphalia, the state run by CDU politician Armin Laschet, who is seen as a potential competitor. Söder has not said he will run for Chancellor, but polls put him out in front of Laschet. Römmele looks ahead to see how the haggling over party leadership might play out in the coming months.

Read the full op-ed in the Rheinische Post here (in German behind a paywall).


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  • Andrea Römmele , Dean of Executive Education and Professor of Communication in Politics and Civil Society