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Anita Gohdes awarded Goldsmith Book Prize

The Professor of International and Cyber Security’s latest book Repression in the Digital Age has been chosen for the highly selective academic book prize.

On April 3, 2024, Hertie School Professor Anita Gohdes was awarded the Goldsmith Book Prize in a ceremony at the Harvard Kennedy School. The prestigious award is given by the Shorenstein Center at the Harvard Kennedy School to one academic book and one trade book published in the last two years.

Repression in the Digital Age: Surveillance, Censorship, and the Dynamics of State Violence is the “first book to study how digital technology supports traditional, violent state repression”. Written by Anita Gohdes, the book was published by Oxford University Press in December 2023. In the book, Gohdes exposes the links between surveillance, censorship, and violent repression, drawing on theory and evidence from Syria, Iran, and other contexts.

The Goldsmith Book Prize is awarded to the academic book of the past two years which “best fulfills the objective of improving democratic governance through an examination of the intersection between the media, politics and public policy”. Past winners have included “books about political journalism, the history of news, news and political polarization, internet freedom, local news and digital democracy”. 

Read more about Repression in the Digital Age here and watch a recording of the award ceremony here.  

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