Press release

Arjun Appadurai joins the Hertie School as Senior Fellow

Dieter Schwarz Foundation supports new Professorship for Educational Governance.

Berlin, 1 September 2017 – The ethnologist and globalisation researcher Arjun Appadurai will join the Hertie School as a Senior Fellow starting in September. The award-winning social scientist from New York University will contribute to research, teaching an public debate at the Berlin-based graduate school for public policy.

Swiss political scientist Hanna Schwander will take up a post as Professor for Public Policy on 1 February 2018, coming to the Hertie School from the University of Zurich. In the role, Schwander will represent Anke Hassel, who is on leave for five years as Academic Director of the Institute of Economic and Social Research (WSI) at the Hans Böckler Foundation.

A new Junior Professorship for Educational Governance will be funded by the Dieter Schwarz Foundation, in close cooperation with the Akademie für Innovative Bildung und Management (aim) in Heilbronn and the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft. Lukas Graf of the University of St. Gallen will take up this position in September, focusing on reforms in the education system and educational institutions with a view to challenges such as digitalisation and immigration.

The Hertie School is also honoured to welcome the renowned political scientist Christine Landfried as a Senior Fellow in September. Landfried held the Max Weber Chair at New York University until 2016. Two further Senior Fellows, Rolf Alter and Thomas Losse-Müller will also join the Hertie School. As Director for Public Governance at the OECD, Alter is an expert on the governance of the public sector with wide-ranging experience in international organisations. Losse-Müller is a former State Secretary and former head of the Schleswig-Holstein state Chancellery, and thus brings many years of expertise in public administration, in particular in the area of digitalisation, to the Hertie School.

As every autumn, the Hertie School also welcomes guest academics in 2017/2018. Layna Mosley of the University of North Carolina is a researcher on the connections between the global economy and domestic policy choices and outcomes, Andrew Reynolds focuses on democratisation, constitutional design and electoral politics, and Narendra Subramanian of McGill University in Canada concentrates on identities and inequality in India and elsewhere.