COVID-19 can provide lessons to reinvigorate international cooperation

The system needs reform to provide incentives, Inge Kaul writes on the Center for Global Development blog.

The system of global multilateral cooperation needs revitalisation and the COVID-19 pandemic can provide lessons, writes Inge Kaul, Senior Fellow at the Hertie School in a blog post for the Center for Global Development, Washington, DC, where she is a Non-resident Fellow. “We should use COVID-19 to implement long-postponed policy reforms that impede progress toward more sustainable growth and development, both nationally and globally,” she writes. We can no longer merely rely on the “willingness of state and non-state actors  to cooperate”; instead, the way countries work together needs reform, moving toward a system “designed to incentivize actors to do more than they otherwise would,“ she says.

Find the full article here.
Find Inge Kaul’s recent paper, “Multilateralism 2.0: It is Here – Are we ready for it?”,  published in Global Perspectives here.

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