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“Digital governance – one of the most important topics of the future”

Meet Daniela Stockmann, social media governance expert and new Director of the Centre for Digital Governance.

This academic year started with exciting news for the Hertie School’s Centre for Digital Governance: Daniela Stockmann, Professor for Digital Governance, took over the position of Centre Director. Before joining the Hertie School in 2017, Stockmann was Associate Professor of Political Science at Leiden University in the Netherlands. She is an expert in social media governance specifically in Europe and China, and has experience advising the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. 

We sat down with Stockmann to talk about the motivation behind her research, the challenges of social media governance, and her plans for the centre.  

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About the Centre for Digital Governance 

The Centre for Digital Governance was founded in 2019. Its mission is to promote digitalisation where appropriate to improve public well-being. To this end, the centre enables synergies between academic research, education and socially relevant policy insights on the challenges and opportunities of the digital era. Its scholars research artificial intelligence, the digitalisation of government and social media governance, among other topics.