EU security policy after Afghanistan

Katharina Emschermann analyzes limits and prospects of the European capacity to act as a ‘security producer’.

Katharina Emschermann, Deputy Director at the Centre for International Security, writes in a guest commentary for “The Pioneer” that while the Afghanistan mission is over, the contest over who gets to frame the failure is only just beginning. With regard to the lessons for future military interventions, she cautions that Europe will not be able to accomplish alone what it failed to do jointly with the United States. This has repercussions for current missions such as Mali. Emschermann refers to insights from Centre for International Security fellow Dr. Payam Ghalehdar and other conflict researchers who have studied the dilemmas facing European Union in Mali and how to address them.

Emschermann concludes that in view of a US pivot to Asia, the Europeans need to enhance their capacity to act in the realm of security. They will need increased capabilities, but also a realistic assessment what they can and cannot achieve with them.

Read the full article here (in German, paywall).

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