Financing your studies: full and partial scholarships

An overview of full and partial scholarships at the Hertie School, what they cover and how to apply.

Going to grad school isn’t just about getting admitted – it also requires careful planning, especially when it comes to financing your studies. When you apply to the MPP, MIA or MDS programmes, you can also apply for the Hertie School’s full and partial scholarships. In this blog post, we’ll go over the different scholarships available, their differences and how to apply for them.

Full scholarships

Full scholarships cover 100% of tuition fees for the MPP, MIA and MDS. Scholarships come in the form of tuition waivers and therefore can’t be used for anything other than tuition. For some scholarships, we do work with organisations that provide financial support for living costs in Berlin, however. We offer the following full scholarships:

You may only apply for one full scholarship per programme. Please note that for the Executive MPA programme only partial scholarships are available.

How to apply

First, take a look at all the full scholarships we offer. Once you’ve picked the scholarship you feel is right for you, think no further and apply! Make sure you check the instructions and deadlines on each scholarship page carefully – most require an additional essay or statement. While you don’t need to submit your application and scholarship essay at the same time, you must submit both before the scholarship deadline. Most, but not all, are due on 1 February.

For COLFUTURO and Prospect Burma, you’ll need to submit a separate application through their respective websites by their respective deadlines.

Lastly, remember to select the scholarship you’re applying for in the Financial Information section of the online application form.

Partial scholarships

Partial scholarships cover 10% to 50% of the total tuition fees for our master’s programmes. Over the last three years, more than half of our students have received a partial funding from the Hertie School. You may apply for a partial scholarship in addition to one full scholarship.

We also have special partial scholarship programmes in partnership with different organisations:

Remember that even if you are not eligible for the special programmes above, you may still apply for general partial funding from the Hertie School.

How to apply

Applying for partial scholarships is straightforward: you need to complete the financial information section of our online application form, select that you wish to apply for financial support and declare your finances. No additional documents are required at this stage.

If you would like to apply for one of the special partial scholarships listed above, you will need to submit additional application materials such as an essay or a confirmation letter along with your application too. Please check each scholarship page for more information.

Declaring your finances

In order to be considered for a full or partial scholarship, you must declare your finances. In the financial information section of the online application form, indicate the amount of funds you currently have available or have certainly secured for the duration of your studies. List your personal savings, any support from your partner or parents (not what they earn or have saved, but what they will support you with), and any scholarships or sponsorships that you are sure to receive.

It is important that you indicate only secured funds for two reasons:

  1. When you join us, we want you to be able to focus on your studies and career development. All worries about financing should be resolved by the time you accept an admission offer. By inserting the respective amounts in our declaration of finances, and using the cost estimates on the same page, you should be able to easily weigh funds available to you against the cost of the programme. Use this part of our application form as an honest self-assessment of your finances.
  2. The allocation of financial aid is in part based on the information you provide in this form.

How are the recipients for full and partial scholarships selected?

We award scholarships based on merit and financial need, which is measured by the sum of the full tuition fees for the MPP, MIA, MDS or Executive MPA, plus the cost of living in Berlin for two years. This year, the threshold is 53,400 euros, so if the funds available to you exceed this amount, you are not eligible for Hertie School scholarships. In the case of full or special partial scholarship programmes, we will also consider the strength of your application and any supplemental materials.

Here’s a peek into our three-step selection process for full scholarships:

  1. Outstanding candidates with financial need are shortlisted based on how well their profiles fit the scholarship and the strength of their scholarship essay or supplemental application material.
  2. Pre-selected candidates are invited to a video interview. During the interview, candidates can expect a discussion on their essay, relevant academic topics, and their personal motivation to study at the Hertie School.
  3. We award scholarships based on your profile, essay and interview.

How can you boost your chances for securing a full scholarship?

And finally, to answer the question on most people’s minds… the easiest way to increase your chances is simply to apply. You can enhance the odds by making a smart choice about which scholarship best fits your profile. Discussing your CV and interests with a friend, maybe even a sympathetic sceptic, will help you make an honest assessment of your strengths and choose the right scholarship for you.

The best advice we can give is to pick a scholarship and topic you are passionate about. If you’ve made the right choice, writing the essay should feel engaging. You won’t need extra time to prepare for the interview, either, as you’ll talk about things that already interest you. While all of this won’t ensure you’re selected, if you approach the process as an interesting experience, it might boost your chances of getting the scholarship you want!


Learn more about the scholarships available for the MIA, MPP, MDS and Executive MPA and apply today!

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