Hertie School adopts Gender Equality Plan 2024-25

The new plan incorporates more than 25 measures to achieve gender equality and prevent gender-based violence.

To become an even more diverse, equal and inclusive institution, the Hertie School has adopted its Gender Equality Plan (GEP) for 2024-25. The plan represents the school’s strategy to become a gender-equitable place to study, research and work, and builds on the GEP 2022-23. Embedded in the Hertie School’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy, the GEP sets concrete goals to further enhance gender equality in the next two years in alignment with the recently adopted School Development Plan 2023-2028

A gender-sensitive place to work and study

The new GEP outlines four key areas of action: striving for gender balance, offering diverse perspectives in research, teaching and outreach, fostering work-life balance and a gender-inclusive organisational culture, and, finally, but no less importantly, the prevention of gender-based violence. These areas are operationalised in 25 measures and many more sub-measures. 

“A university can only strive for excellence if it offers an environment in which persons of all genders feel included, safe and equal,” says Hertie School President Cornelia Woll. “Today, as we celebrate International Women’s Day, we are proud to announce our new Gender Equality Plan, which provides a roadmap to strengthening our commitment to gender equality.”

Data-based and monitored progress towards gender equality

The second edition of the GEP has incorporated the results of a thorough evaluation of the previous plan, the GEP 2022-2023. The collected data demonstrates that the Hertie School maintains a high level of gender balance in most fields. The share of female core faculty members is over 50 per cent, by far exceeding the average of 28 per cent in Germany. In the school’s master’s and PhD programmes, over half of the students and researchers are women. To further attract female talents and offer them a welcoming, safe and inclusive work and study environment, the school’s leadership pushes for further actions in the forthcoming GEP period. 

To find out about all 25 gender measures, consult the Gender Equality Plan 2024-2025.

To read more about the Hertie School’s mission to become a diverse, equal and inclusive institution, read our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy.