Hertie School certified as family-friendly university for sixth time

University points the way to family-friendly research, study and work condition.

For the sixth time in a row, the Hertie School has been awarded the certificate audit familiengerechte hochschule (audit family-friendly university) by the initiative berufundfamilie. The certificate confirms the Hertie School promotes family-friendly research, study and work conditions for its students and employees.

Mark Hallerberg, Acting President of the school, says: “Compatibility of family and career is essential to university life in the 21st century. The Hertie School is proud to qualify as a family-friendly university and to contribute to an environment that promotes diverse ways of working and living.”

Founded in 1995 as a non-profit by the Hertie-Stiftung, berufundfamilie is today a private company and think tank that provides services focusing on the compatibility of work, family, and private life. About 1,800 employers have been awarded the certificate berufundfamilie. It is valid for three years. The audit is recommended by Germany’s leading trade and industry associations.