Hertie School Human Rights Master's Thesis Award

The Centre for Fundamental Rights is pleased to announce the Hertie School Human Rights Master’s Thesis Award 2024.

Theses that focus on the role of human rights in domestic, regional or global law and governance, and were examined as part of the MIA, MPP, MDS, or EMPA programmes, are eligible for this award.

Students can nominate themselves or can be nominated by their thesis supervisor.

The winner of this award will be selected in August after an evaluation process conducted by a panel of researchers at the Centre. Subsequently, a public award ceremony will take place at the beginning of the academic year 2024/2025.

Please send your nominations to fundamentalrights[at]hertie-school[dot]org by 10 July 2024 with the subject line "Human Rights Master's Thesis Award".

The winner of the inaugural Human Rights Thesis Award 2023 was Claire Heydacker, MIA 2023, for her thesis “The Melting Point of Ice: The Paris Agreement’s Human Rights Obligation and Its Subsequent Implementation in the Nationally Determined Contributions of Arctic Actor States.” Claire's thesis examines whether and how member states of the Arctic Council, as well as the self-proclaimed Near-Arctic state China, address the impact of climate change on Arctic communities. The evaluation committee commended the thesis for demonstrating an excellent grasp of emerging human rights and climate change scholarship, as well as for developing independent policy recommendations to enhance the protection of human rights in the face of climate catastrophe.