Hertie School joins OECD Global Network of Schools of Government

OECD Member flags are lined up closely next to each other.

University will benefit from the OECD’s governance expertise to support future public sector decision-makers.

The Hertie School has joined the OECD Global Network of Schools of Government, which connects institutions involved in public sector capacity-building activities and research from different nations. The network provides member schools with direct access to OECD governance expertise and facilitates exchange and discussion on best practices for ensuring that public sector employees have the skills and competencies to address current and future priorities.

“The Hertie School’s membership in this important network will further strengthen our ties to the global policymaking community,” says Hertie School President Cornelia Woll. “Collaborating with other OECD Global Network institutions is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded institutions and develop joint events, exchanges and research projects for students and faculty within the OECD Global Network.”

This institutional partnership is still in its beginning stages, with preliminary plans for networking and collaboration on joint conferences and research at the administrative and academic levels currently in progress.

Find out more about the network here.


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