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How organisations reinforce inequality cites research by Johanna Mair among "Top Five Must-Read Articles for Every Business Leader". has listed research on inequality in organisations by Johanna Mair, Hertie School Professor of Organization, Strategy and Leadership among its "Top Five Must-Read Articles For Every Business Leader". Mair's paper, written together with John Amis of the University of Edinburgh and Kamal Munir of  of the University of Cambridge Judge School of Business, looks at how practices inside organisations support economic and social inequality. It was published in the Academy of Management Annals in January 2020. In an article published on 4 June 2020, said: " scholar-practitioners, we often turn to the research for answers to big questions. Today, the research came to us with this 2-page synopsis of an influential Academy of Management article, which summarizes the findings of 232 articles, 76 books, and 14 reports from governments and think tanks on the topic of inequality, especially in the workplace. The authors (John Amis, Johanna Mair, and Kamal Muir) highlight five common organizational practices and three myths that reinforce inequality. We encourage you to dig deep into this one. It is well worth the effort!"

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