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In Handelsblatt, Andrea Römmele examines the new German government’s first 100 days

Parallel crises of omicron and war in Ukraine will heavily impact intra-party relations in the coalition, she says.

The ongoing pandemic and the war in Ukraine mean the new coalition government of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has had to make many spontaneous decisions in their first 100 days in power, writes Andrea Römmele, Professor of Communication in Politics and Civil Society, in an opinion piece in the German daily Handelsblatt on 16 March 2022.

“These crises are forcing Germany’s coalition government to make on-the-go decisions on crucial matters,” observes Römmele in the Handelsblatt article. “This could lead to friction within the coalition in the long run.”

Read the full article in Handelsblatt from 16 March (in German).

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