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Dennis Snower says G7 could broker "grand bargain" for climate action

Snower tells the Clean Energy Wire that G7 must consider poor countries' needs to encourage climate action.  

G7 members could help set up production capacities for vaccines or protective equipment in poorer countries in exchange for their cooperation on climate action, says Hertie School Sr. Prof. of Macroeconomics and Sustainability in an interview with the Clean Energy Wire on 12 January 2022.

"As a group of rich countries, the G7 would be cognizant of its role within the community of nations in promoting climate action. Poor countries cannot contribute adequately to climate action without support from the rich countries," Snower says. "The latter, in turn, would be in a position to propose a “grand bargain”. For example, poor countries’ cooperation on climate action could be linked with rich country support for promoting production capacity for vaccines and protective equipment in these poor countries."

Read the full interview in the Clean Energy wire here


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  • Dennis Snower , Senior Professor of Macroeconomics and Sustainability