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Lion Hirth evaluates energy crisis in Texas after winter storms

In Tagesspiegel Background, Hirth explains what lessons Germany can draw.

Lion Hirth, Assistant Professor of Governance of Digitalisation and Energy Policy at the Hertie School provided his take to Tagesspiegel Background on how to deal with extreme weather and its effects. 

His insights come against the backdrop of the winter storm in Texas, which has led to a peak in wholesale prices and left millions of households without electricity. Texas’ energy market is now facing a potential wave of bankruptcies. The consequences of extreme weather on energy systems is becoming more pressing, he tells the Tagesspiegel.

Hirth provided his recommendations for Germany, “it would make sense”, he said, “to take the increasingly widespread use of heat pumps in Germany as an opportunity to give greater consideration to [extreme weather] scenarios.” This, alongside other solutions, provides more control for operators in maintaining stability of the energy grid during an extreme situation.

Read the full article (in German) here.

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