Marina Henke discusses the impact of 9/11 on SWR2 panel

Professor of International Relations speaks on the War on Terror and the contours of a new era in the international security realm.

Marina Henke, Professor of International Relations, offers her expertise on a SWR2 radio panel titled “20 Years After 9/11 – How is Terrorism Changing the World?” moderated by Thomas Ihm. She joins Thomas Nehls, a journalist and witness of the 9/11 attacks in New York, and Dr. Guido Steinberg of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs. Henke describes 9/11 as a turning point. The terrorist attacks constituted the beginning of an era which, according to Henke, is now coming to a close with the NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan. She describes some of the key mistakes made in the ‘War on Terror’, namely supporting corrupt regimes in Afghanistan and in Iraq and misjudging the strategic priorities of Pakistan. The panelists further discuss trends in terrorism and the impact of counter-terrorism measures.

Henke outlines the contours of a new era in international security marked by a U.S. shift toward the Pacific.  She discusses the consequences for Germany and Europe. Both will have to do more in the near term future to guarantee their security.

 The full panel discussion with Professor Henke is available here (in German).

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  • Marina Henke , Professor of International Relations | Director, Centre for International Security