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Marina Henke responds to fears that Russia's war may spread

In a discussion on Stern TV, Henke asserts the unlikelihood that war will reach Germany.  

Marina Henke, Professor of International Relations and Director of the Hertie School’s Centre for International Security, participated in a discussion about the possibility of Russia’s war in Ukraine expanding.   

In a dialogue moderated by Dieter Könnes and featuring Henke alongside Member of Parliament Sahra Wagenknecht (Left Party), several entertainers, and a citizen representative, Henke spoke about Vladimir Putin's instrumentalization of NATO citizens' concerns. She explained that even though Putin acts rationally and deliberately uses the fear of nuclear escalation as a strategic tool, the threat of war spreading to other countries in Europe is low. This is because Russia maintains control mechanisms and the continued escalation of war would be “suicidal” for Russia’s elite. 

Read more about the discussion on RTL+ (in German). 


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  • Marina Henke, Professor of International Relations | Director, Centre for International Security