MPP and MIA master’s thesis poster exhibition and winners

MPP and MIA graduates present thesis projects in annual poster exhibition.

Every year, we celebrate the academic achievements of our graduating class with a master’s thesis poster exhibition. On 28 June, this year's event took place both on campus in the Henrik Enderlein Forum and online in a virtual exhibition. In over 100 posters, graduates from the Master of International Affairs (MIA) and Master of Public Policy (MPP) Class of 2022 covered topics such as climate change, social media, migration and more.

A jury of Hertie School professors selected the three best posters for distinction. The jury consisted of Dean of Faculty and Research and Professor of Public Management and Political Economy Mark Hallerberg, Assistant Professor of Educational Governance Lukas Graf and Professor of International Affairs and Security Julian Wucherpfenning

The 2022 master's thesis poster winners

  • David Backovsky: Atoms for Climate: What explains the sudden intensification of IAEA positioning and communication on nuclear energy as a climate change mitigation technology since 2019? 
  • Camila Beer: The power of social ties: What role do social ties play in obtaining formal jobs for Venezuelan migrants in Colombia? 
  • Sadhana Pittala: Memes and the impact of viral advertising on political candidacy and popularity

Check out the exhibition virtually on this link. 

The master’s thesis poster is required of all MPP and MIA students in addition to a written master’s thesis, both of which are submitted at the end of the two-year course. The master's thesis is an independent research project in which students apply the theoretical and methodological knowledge acquired during their studies to a practical policy problem.