New book on transnational problem-solving

Arjun Appadurai and Marcel Fratzcher debate approaches to big global challenges.

Nationalist policies won't solve today's global and transnational problems - this is the message of a new book conceived as a dialogue between Hertie School Professor of Anthropology and Globalisation Arjun Appadurai and the head of the German Institute for Economic Research Marcel Fratzscher. "Unfairly allocated - an economic order without alternatives?" was published in German in November 2019 by Nicolai Publishing & Intelligence (NP&I).

The book is part of NP&I's discussion series, Berliner Korrespondenzen, which features thinkers from all over the world who debate current and future political and social challenges from different perspectives.

The two internationally renowned globalisation experts offer their differing approaches to some of the world's biggest challenges. The anthropologist Appadurai and the economist Fratzscher reflect on how we can shape politics across borders while retaining our sovereignty. In the concise 88-page volume, they consider how to reconcile the economic and social order, the roles of free and regulated markets, and offer thoughts about about the capacity of humans to be creative in the face of big challenges.

Appadurai says that rather than global or national arenas, cities - which are experiencing growth across the globe - will be the place where many future conflicts face off. "The city will becomes the main venue for conflicts over distribution, justice, sovereignty, citizenship and migration," he predicts in the book. "All the problems we thought were national will be carried out in cities."

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