New Hertie School alumni chapter launched in Vienna

Fifteen alumni gather in the Austrian capital to reconnect and share memories.

On Thursday, 16 March, 15 Hertie School alumni gathered in Vienna for the launch of the latest alumni chapter in the school’s global alumni network. The event was an opportunity for the alumni to reconnect with old friends and the school, and was marked by a warm community spirit and Hertie stories. Axel Baisch, Managing Director, and Nena Grceva, Director of Alumni Affairs, welcomed the alumni, shared news from the school and discussed their plans for the chapter. 

When asked to describe their Hertie School experience, many alumni referred to the profound effect their studies had on their career trajectories. Over thirty alumni in the Vienna chapter from around the world have meaningful careers in international organisations as well as in the third and the private sectors. 

This is the 15th alumni chapter in the Hertie School’s global alumni network, which also includes chapters in Bogotá, Brussels, Frankfurt, Geneva, London, Mexico City, New Delhi, New York, Paris, Rhineland, South Germany, Toronto, Washington, DC, and of course Berlin. Our special thanks to chapter leads Omer Ali (MPP 2020), Project Officer at the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), Meriam Ayachi (MIA 2018), Associate Project Development Officer at ICMPD, and Alexandra Ioan (PhD 2018, MPP 2014), Head of Institutional and Foundation Fundraising at CONCORDIA Social Projects, for taking the initiative to launch the chapter and build a strong network in Vienna.