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Senior Fellow Paul Fehlinger launches new report on RegTech for the digital economy at Slush

Paul Fehlinger launches on the occasion of Slush, a major VC conference, a new report on the critical role of RegTech for responsible innovation.

Titled “Enabling the responsible use of technology at scale - Why Europe needs a RegTech innovation ecosystem” the report shows how regulatory technology, or RegTech, can power a regulated yet highly performing digital economy that deploys cutting-edge technologies. In the report, Fehlinger outlines concrete steps to create a striving innovation ecosystem to catalyse new RegTech solutions at the intersection of policy, entrepreneurship, and capital. 

His report is published by SITRA, the Finnish Innovation Fund, and will be launched on November 30, 2023, at 3 pm local time in Helsinki, Finland, with a half-day official VC & Policy side-event during Slush with discussants including VCs, a member of the European Parliament, Meta’s ex-European policy head, a major scale-up, a RegTech company, and the US Ambassador to Finland. 

To participate remotely, register here: https://www.sitra.fi/en/events/regulations-compliance-and-tech-oh-my-the-future-of-europes-digital-economy/