Strengthen Open Social Innovation in Germany

This policy brief makes suggestions on how to enable conditions to create an Open Social Innovation ecosystem that contributes to modernise Germany’s public administration.

About the brief

Germany faces numerous governance challenges, which were known before the COVID-19 crisis and were in part exacerbated by it. These are times to reorganise processes that generate solutions to societal problems – and at the same time help improve and change systems. This policy brief suggests Open Social Innovation as an opportunity to rethink the relationship between a democratic government and its citizens beyond the usual forms of citizen participation. The brief points out concrete suggestions on how to improve enabling conditions by creating an Open Social Innovation ecosystem to modernise Germany’s public administration.


Johanna Mair, Thomas Gegenhuber, René Lührsen, Laura Thäter


Addressing Germany’s governance challenges series

This report is part of the Hertie School’s policy briefs project for public reform. Learn more about the project.

About the author

  • Johanna Mair, Professor of Organization, Strategy and Leadership