MPP alumni featured in Handelsblatt publication on GovTech

Faruk Tuncer and Dinah Schmechel

Dinah Schmechel and Faruk Tuncer contribute ideas for better digital governance.

A special publication on government technology (GovTech) released by the Handelsblatt newspaper features articles by two Hertie School alumni.

Dinah Schmechel (MPP 2017), co-founder of Themis Digital, authored an article on digital training for government employees, while Faruk Tuncer (MPP 2016), co-founder of Polyteia, contributed a piece on data-based decision-making in governance.

"Digitalisation requires more than implementing technological sollutions. It needs digitally-proficient employees," Schmechel writes.

"Being able to react appropriately to future crises requires a government which can detect developments early," writes Tuncer, calling for better-integrated data in the public sector.

The full publication can be read online (in German) here.

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