What's new? | Our response to the coronavirus (COVID-19)

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During this challenging time, our thoughts are first and foremost with those who are most affected by the current pandemic. This is an unprecedented time – and the current crisis brings many challenges and uncertainties, including for members of our Hertie School community.

We have been heartened by the collaborative, innovative and resilient spirit of our students, faculty and administrative team in coming together over these last few weeks. We have no doubt we will continue to support one another in the next months as well. We are working hard as a community to ensure that while we have moved off-site and online, our physical isolation does not translate into social isolation.

We have received many questions about the Hertie School's response to the coronavirus pandemic and tried to answer some of them in an interview with President Henrik Enderlein. Last week, we hosted a virtual all-school meeting to address some of the questions and concerns directly with our student body. An information page on the most pressing of these from our community is also now available on our website.

While it seems like a long time ago, before the lockdown we were honoured to host a breakfast with French President Emmanuel Macron at the Munich Security Conference. In March, we also launched the Centre for Fundamental Rights in a discussion with Başak Çalı and Cathryn Costello, who will join us as Professor and Co-Director of the Centre in September. More on both of these events is included in this edition of our newsletter.

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